Levi’s Stadium


Provide Domestic Hot Water delivery to Levi’s Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers. The state of the art, $1.2 billion venue opened in late 2014 and has 1.85 million square feet, seats approximately 70,000 people and features 165 luxury suites with 8,500 club seats.

Needless to say an abundance of hot water is required on game day, concert night or any event in-between!

From locker room showers and restrooms to kitchen and luxury suite requirements - upwards of 200,000 gallons of hot and cold water are needed to make game day a success for players, fans and support staff alike.

In addition, Levi’s Stadium is the first NFL stadium to achieve LEED Gold certification. That means the volume water heaters selected not only needed to reliably handle the demanding requirements of the stadiums domestic water demand but also meet the lofty LEED requirements of high efficiency and ultra-low NOx emissions.

Levi’s Stadium Quick Stats (Any Given NFL Sunday)

  • 70,000 attending fans
  • 2,900 employees at the stadium
  • 400+ NFL team personnel
  • 1,000+ hot water fixtures active in restrooms
  • 165 luxury suites with upscale catering provided by 22 kitchens
  • 33 permanent concession locations
  • Over 20,000 prepared meals served each game day, by a 350 person culinary team


Two Laars 1.2 million BTU/hr Rheos+ volume water heaters were sized and selected through the help of California Hydronics Corporation, a world class representative agency located in Hayward CA. Accompanying the Laars Rheos+ units are two 4000 gallon storage tanks that remain charged with hot water at all times to meet the enormous hot water demands of one of the premier sporting stadiums in the US. Operating at 92%+ thermal efficiency the fully modulating Rheos+ will perfectly match changing heating load requirements while outputting an industry leading ultra-low 10ppm NOx – a combination of premier performance and minimal impact on the environment.

The two Laars Rheos+ boilers can output up to 6,000 gallons of hot water per hour; ensuring that the fans, support staff and players never have to think twice about getting through game day without enough hot water – Laars condensing boilers reliability equals food, fun and relaxation at Levi’s Stadium!