Amish Barn Renovation

Mount Joy, PA


Turn a big ol’ barn built in 1871 into an ultra-comfortable and environmentally friendly home.
For many years, the barn served the needs of Amish farmers. A herd of milk cows, draft horses and mules for work, smaller horses for buggy transportation, and an assortment of sheep, goats and chickens all shared the space. But the new owners saw something else in the old building: a home for their family.


To deliver comfortable space heating while being environmentally friendly a hydronic radiant heating system combined with geothermal cooling was chosen for most of the lower floor, and the 4,900 sq. ft. of living space above it.

A Laars Mascot wall-hung, 95% efficient boiler was used in tandem with a water-to-water heat pump to provide space heating needs. The heat pump can provide heat for much of the year, however, a boiler is always needed in colder climates to meet midwinter heating requirements. 

Domestic water heating needs were met by a  60-gallon indirect water heater that was also connected to the Mascot boiler. By using the boiler to provide both space heating and domestic water heating the home owners maximized the value of the boiler while ensuring availability of ample hot water at a moments notice.

Just weeks after the project was completed, winter threw a fastball, with two weeks of record low temps and high winds. If not for the Laars Mascot boiler adding additonal heat to supplement the heat pump the owners would have been left with a chilly home!