Mammoth Ski Resort


Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort in central California is only a 4 or 8 hour drive from Vegas, Fresno, and Reno.  Yet the ski resort receives an average of 32 feet of snow each year.  Yes, that's 32 feet!  It was decided that shoveling that much snow every year was too expensive, so a modern and efficient snow melting system need to be installed


A Laars Rheos snow melt system was chosen to do the task and it was installed by Xcel Mechanical.  The Rheos boiler by Laars Heating Systems was selected due to it's BTU output, efficiency, modulating burner technology and low NOx emissions.  

“This is one of the ‘greenest’ and most environmentally sound boilers on the marketplace with NOx levels of less than 10 parts per million — that’s a big plus in California,” Kevin Michel, owner of Xcel Mechanical says.