Newporter Housing Complex  

Seattle Washington


Owners re-insulated, resided, and re-glazed entire building. After insulation upgrades the original atmospheric furnace and water heaters no longer had enough air to operate properly. Space constraints severely limited options to replace furnaces and tank type units.

Original construction built in the 1960s

  • Forced air natural gas furnace
  • Tank-type, 40 gallon DHW
  • Draws air through natural cracks in building

Want to install new high efficient heating systems in 218 units between two apartment buildings.


Laars wall hung Mascot Series combination boiler and water heaters were used in conjunction with fan coils to replace the furnace and tank type water heaters.

After installation, domestic water was supplied directly from the Mascot and hydronic heat pumped through fan coils to provide the forced hot air space heating.

Compact combustion air supply and exhaust piping used with the Laars wall-hung units made it much easier during installation because they were able to use the existing stack and vented with 2 pieces of 2 inch PVC pipe through the existing 6 mechanical sleeves built in for exhausts

All the units were upgraded with minimal impact on the residents and no alterations needed to the building vent systems. This type of challenging replacement exists throughout the country, especially among multi-family units, and the Mascot Series has proven to be the perfect solution.