Mobile Hot Water System

Atlanta, Georgia


Temporary heat and/or hot water are sometimes needed, such as when a main system fails or at a job site where a boiler or volume water heater is being upgraded and downtime cannot be tolerated.


  • A fire destroys a boiler room for a large apartment community and tenants are without heat.
  • A hotel upgrades their aging heaters but cannot be without hot water for even a few minutes.
  • A flood fills a school basement destroying the boiler equipment, domestic hot water and heat are needed as soon as possible.


A mobile heating system built around a 2 million BTU Laars MightyTherm 2 and two 120-gallon storage tanks meets the challenge with temporary heating capacity for large installations. Such a mobile system delivers flexibility to a contractor when upgrading entire heating systems and can quickly supply emergency heat to those in need. A seamless transition can be made between the damaged or old equipment to the mobile unit. Building residents will have heat while new equipment is delivered, installed and commissioned in the existing boiler room.