Isle of Shoals Marine Laboratory

Research Centers Portsmouth, NH


Setup a mainland, on-shore base of operations in a renovated carriage house to support marine research activity along the coast of New Hampshire. Winters along the northern Atlantic can be cruel with 90 MPH winds ripping off the sea and temperatures dropping as low as negative 25F. On the list of needs is a system that is very quiet because it will be located next to a new 4,000 square foot laboratory and one that fits with the labs sustainable living/responsible stewards of the environment creed.


A 210 MBH, 95% AFUE efficient NeoTherm boiler was selected to replace the decrepit 30 year old cast iron sectional boiler system. The selection was made based on the high efficiency level, low 10ppm NOx emissions and small footprint to minimize impingement on lab space.

The system was divided into multiple heating zones for the upstairs and downstairs with another zone feeding a 50-gallon Bradford White indirect water heater. The Bradford White indirect was a perfect fit for the thermal storage needs of the building and the small size fit well next to the space saving NeoTherm.

The old cast iron sectional technology would rattle to life and shake the building, often startling the workers in the lab. Once installed, the laboratory tenants were very happy at how quietly the NeoTherm ran. Comments referred to the NeoTherm as making less noise then a microwave.