Hurricane Sandy and 25 years of neglectful management left the Ocean Village Towers uninhabitable. Not only were the mechanical rooms in disrepair, worn out, and outdated, but they were then exposed to the elements and most of them damaged. 


A complete replacement with a very efficient system was needed quickly at a fair cost and with returns of investment within just a few years. And it wasn't just about efficiency and modernization. New Codes required vibration dampening on all new boilers. This had been previously discussed as several of the mechanical rooms were above living spaces, and with new equipment, it was now time to install dampeners as well.  Also, the lobbies and hallways were now to be heated by the new boilers as previously they were heated electrically, which was expensive.

A total of twelve NeoTherms LC’s 1 Million BTU’s and twenty NeoTherm 295 MBH’s (All 94% Efficient) were selected and engineered for the task of replacing the former boilers (65% Efficient). These boilers would also heat the hallways and lobbies. A Tekmar control system was chosen to control them all from various remote hubb locations.

The installation took only 5 months to complete and the new Owners/Developers have been able to start renting the newly renovated apartments almost immediately. The Tekmar controls are familiar to the service technicians so training was kept to a minimum.

The highly efficient NeoTherms have reduced the consumption of natural gas at Ocean Village by thousands of dollars daily. And there is a veritable sea of hotwater available for all whom now live there.