Phoenix Convention Center


Heat multiple large spaces at the new Phoenix Convention Center while meeting strict LEED certification guidelines.


 Ten Rheos+ two million BTU boilers were used in the new Phoenix Convention Center project resulting in a total heat load of 20 million BTUs. Their high efficiency and modulation make them ideally suited for the convention center’s needs.
     “The boilers feed 58,000 lineal feet of carbon steel and copper heating water piping,” says Dan Brown, Imcor’s project manager for all of the firm’s Phase 1 and 2 work. “From the boilers, it is 800 feet to the newly renovated South Hall where the boilers are heating 145,000 square feet of space through air handlers, coils and VAVs. The other building, 300 feet from the West Hall where the boilers are, is the Phoenix Symphony Hall where we provide for 90,000 square feet of heated space.”