During the winter of 2015, residents of Claremont, NH, faced 72 inches of snow, with a walloping 31 inches that fell in February alone, creating a huge heating challenge for property owners.

All that weather contributes to a hefty 7,800 heating degree days; 2,000 more than Boston, MA, just 100 miles to the South.


That's why the homeowner of this Claremont house was surprised to find that the big, 43-year-old, cast iron oil boiler that heated and produced domestic hot water for his two-apartment rental property could be replaced by a much smaller wall hung unit.

"The old oil boiler was installed in 1970," said the Owner, who has several rental properties in the Claremont area. "It had a tankless coil that filled a holding tank for domestic hot water. But the coil was calcified and boiler efficiency was 70 or 75 percent at best. The price of oil was killing me. It had to go."

Given the big footprint of the boiler and tank, he was surprised when the Sales and marketing manager for Eastern Propane based in Rochester, NH, said he had a much more compact solution in mind.