This is an excellent example of a complete commercial boiler and volume water replacement where the building owner saves on operating costs and the tenants are rewarded with better heating and domestic water performance. The Spring Creek Community apartment complex consists of 600 units and was once billed as a premier rental community in East Brooklyn, NY. To better meet the needs of both the owner and the tenants, the 25-year-old hydronic and volume water heating system, consisting of multiple independent boilers, was replaced with an integrated high tech solution.  


 Eighteen highly efficient, condensing Rheos+ boilers, ranging in size from 1,200 to 2,400 MBH, replaced the twenty-two independently controlled 70% efficient boilers. To maximize the efficiency of the Rheos+ systems even further, a building automation system was installed to feed each boiler a variable firing rate signal as needed for both heating and domestic hot water. The end result was a beautiful install, an environmentally efficient system and happy owners and tenants!