Specs and Docs


NeoTherm Residential

Residential Modulating Condensing Boiler

The NeoTherm high efficiency hydronic boiler uses the latest in condensing heat exchanger technology. It operates with 95%+ efficiency, has low NOx (less than 10 ppm) emissions and the Energy Star rating; making it an excellent choice for both the environment and the homeowner. Available in 80-210 MBH size and utilizes Category IV venting.

NeoTherm is built standard with the new LAARS Integrated Control Systemâ„—
that puts the ignition control, temperature control and high limit in one 
user-friendly device that does it all. The PID control  system has frost protection,
and loads of other features. 

NeoTherm Features

  • Floor-standing condensing boiler
  • All connections are on top of the unit
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • 5 to 1 turndown
  • Rated for alcove and closet installations
  • Easy to service
  • Qualifies for many Energy Rebates
  • 95% AFUE
  • LAARS Integrated Control System
  • Works with Building Automation Systems
  • Backlit LCD display with touch pad
  • Quick Setup control feature
  • Control display in plain English, not cryptic codes