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Commercial Boiler and Volume Water Heater

With field proven reliability and intuitive touchscreen controls, the Pennant line of fan-assisted, modular boilers and water heaters ranks among the industry’s most versatile and environmentally friendly commercial systems for hydronic and hot water applications. Available in 7 sizes, from 500 to 2000 MBH, Pennant boilers and water heaters run reliably on natural or LP gas and deliver efficiency levels up to 85%. All Pennant models are now standard with the Laars Linc® Control System.

Pennant boilers and water heaters feature convenient, modular construction that separates the burner trays, gas train, and blower assembly. 


Built-In Versatility

  • Laars Linc® Intuitive Touchscreen Control System
  • 85% Thermal Efficiency
  • 500 to 2,000 MBH
  • Stage Firing: Up to 4:1
  • Cascade with Auto Redundancy
  • Industry Leading Low NOx, 10 ppm
  • Vent from Top or Back
  • Indoor/Outdoor Construction