Frey Family Farm Mascot LX

Lancaster, PA


Provide an energy efficient and reliable space and domestic hot water heating system for a 3,500 square foot log cabin home with 4 baths on a 200 acre working farm in Lancaster County PA. 


A Laars Mascot LX with an input rate of 125,000 BTU/hr and 95% AFUE was installed to supply hydronic heating, in tandem with a geothermal heat pump system, to 1,900 lineal feet of ½-inch PEX radiant heat tubing in the lower concrete slab and 3,160 feet of 3/8-inch synthetic rubber tubing for the under-floor areas in a six-zone system. Three prefabricated, pre-engineered hydronic panels were used to manage they system flow.

The Mascot LX was also paired with two 120-gallon Bradford White tanks. The first tank is a buffer tank used for the hydronic system that is kept at temperatures between 110 and 140°F and vary according to ambient temps as monitored by an outdoor reset. The second is a stainless steel indirect water heater that satisfies the ample domestic hot water needs of the home’s many bathrooms and taps.

The results are best summed up by the home owner: “I especially like the system for its high efficiency and that Laars makes the boiler here in the US, even their own stainless steel heat exchangers…We never imagined having a home as comfortable as this one. The floors were cozy warm all winter long, even with record low temps!”