At the lowest price possible and yet for the greatest cause, build the most efficient and yet most advanced heating system possible. Habitat Inc., a non-profit organzing in Dillsburg, PA is building a large new facility that will keep an assortment of injured and orphaned animals and birds of prey warm in a new 2,100 square-foot recovery center. Each animal group has a different environmental condition that is optimal for its recovery and it is necessary to hold different temperatures across the space.


In floor, radiant heating was chosen to offer the greatest comfort for the recovering animals. The system was installed in three distinct zones, with each having different environmental conditions. One zone would be for wild dogs (dingoes), bearcats, and other four-legged creatures; a center zone would be for macropods (kangaroos, wallabies, and a tree sloth); and the third zone would be for raptors.

Equipment reliability was of paramount importance to the survival of the animals but both initial and operational cost became driving factors in selecting the proper boiler. Therefore, to meet the heating, budget and reliability requirements the team chose the Energy Star Rated, 85% energy efficient, MiniTherm JV. Once started up, it became clear that both the owners of the facility and the animal residents were very happy with the performance and reliability offered in this package.

By deciding on the proven Mini-Therm boiler and also a proven infloor radiant construction technique AND utilizing a large group of volunteers, the project was not only under it’s low budget, but it has also performed well over the years without any problems or repairs. But best of all, the animals love it!